Clapham Common


4 April 2002 • Clapham Common is one of the largest commons in London. There is plenty of open space – including three large ponds.


2 April 2017 • The common is on the west side of the original old village of Clapham. Shops line the street called The Pavement.


2 April 2017 • A new church called Holy Trinity was erected on the common in the late 18th century. It is seen to advantage in spring before the leaves form on the surrounding trees.


2 April 2017 • The attractive bandstand – the largest in London – is situated near the centre of the common.


2 April 2017 • The Windmill Inn, a Georgian building, that was once used a coaching inn stands near the main road which runs across the common.


2 April 2017 • Some of the streets surrounding the common – this one is Clapham Common North Side – are lined with elegant Georgian terraces.


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