Sydenham Wells Park



24 January 1979 • Digitised 35mm slide. Thick snow in Sydenham. The beautiful park is situated on the Lewisham side of the ridge along which the road called Sydenham Hill runs.



24 January 1979 • Digitised 35mm slide. Thick snow around and ice on the ornamental pond. In those days several flamingoes were kept in the park. In their natural habitat flamingoes live in cold water and they are used to the water freezing over.


Riverdale Mill



16 Apr 2015 • The water in this view is part of the River Ravensbourne which, from medieval times, had many water-mills along its length. This one was last rebuilt in 1828 and is complete with its water-wheel. In the 1970s the derelict mill was restored and became part of a large office complex. In 2016 the nearby offices and the mill were refurbished and have become a housing complex. The site stands beside Molesworth Street, along with the old mill and its millpond.

Poole, River



12 May 2001 • Flowing past the large Sainsbury’s store at Bell Green is a stream known as the River Poole which joins up with the River Ravensbourne just south of Catford. The stream was considerably cleaned up and landscaped when the store was built. On a summer’s day in May the stream is seen at its best – glistening in the sunshine.



8 December 2001 • On a cold winter’s day the River Poole looks quite different from the summer scene. So clean is the water these days that herons can be seen cautiously striding in the water, living off the fish to be found in it. Many other unusual species of birds are also to seen in the grassland and trees lining the banks of this haven for wildlife.