West India Docks – South Dock



4 July 2015 • Looking west in the dock with the unusual sight of a visiting Thames sailing barge adding interest to the scene. Behind it is the pedestrian bridge and behind that is a DLR bridge that also crosses the dock. The West India Docks were constructed as two parallel docks, almost extending across the Isle of Dogs. A third was added – called South Dock – for the simple reason that it ran parallel to and south of the other two.


24 May 2010 • Looking west in South Dock with ‘Portwey’ – the only twin screw, coal fired steam tug now active in the United Kingdom – seen at temporary moorings. The cream building with a sloping left side, in the distance, is a block of apartments called ‘Cascades’.


25 September 2008 • View of a DLR train crossing a modern bridge at South Dock. The view looks west, with the Post Office Tower (BT Tower) in the distance.


Blackwall DLR Station



9 August 2001 • View of Blackwall DLR Station from East India DLR Station. The DLR trains navigate around spectacular bends on some of their routes. This bend, on a concrete viaduct, is a good example. When the image was taken the remaining part of the old red-brick Brunswick Wharf Power Station was still in the background. That building has since been removed and replaced by modern apartment blocks.

West India Quay Footbridge



6 February 2017 • A long view looking west at the footbridge floating on the surface of the old West India Dock, supported by ‘scissor’ struts. With almost no wind to disturb the surface of the water, the bridge and the people crossing it are reflected in the dock. The figures have an almost ethereal appearance when looking at the water’s surface.